Sustainability & Environment

It is our involvement in the commercial and industrial sectors, we feel we obligated to making a positive difference in reduction of our impact on the environment.

No matter the type of the services or products we deliver, we have processes and systems in place to ensure we minimise environmental impact in all aspects of the business including. Our internal auditing of regular checks to monitor the success of our processes and to build upon these systems to ensure our environmental impact is minimised.

CAB Plumbing through industries leading edge manufacturers and third party environmental consultants has sought to add value to our building tuning service offer. In providing a greater service in understanding of your water consumption via the submetering of hydraulic fixtures, plant and equipment within your assets, we can now add valued solutions tailored suitable to your environmental reporting and maintenance budgets.

CAB Plumbing now has the ability to develop and present further sustainability initiatives across all things hydraulic to add value to its client portfolios for the purpose of adding greater green star and environmental recognition.

Our engagement with key stakeholders in the supply of such technologies and in the reporting space has allowed our in house team the ability to capture data more accurately and decipher its true impact on your assets. This allowing for greater improvements across water and gas consumption via project upgrades and more accurate preventative maintenance programs.

Our advances in the sustainability and environmental services offering as tabled through our stakeholders technologies aids us to identify key trends and behaviours to develop, implement, design and distinguish more adaptable and dynamic preventative programs customisable to your asset.