Boiling & Chilled Water Service

CAB plumbing is honoured to present you the opportunity to provide you with quality filtered drinking water via a customised service care package incorporated into a preventative maintenance agreement.

As an independent from the manufacturer, it is our commitment to the industry that we offer services to appliances that provide instant boiling, chilled or sparkling water maintenance service programs that add value to the end user.

As a leading supplier of services within the drinking water space, CAB Plumbing has the ability to deliver and incorporate the servicing of boiling, chilled, sparkling and filtered drinking water programs into your existing preventative maintenance programs. The delivery of these services inclusive of new install are available to a wide range of industry sectors including all government, cooperate, health & medical, education retail and more.

Our extensive relationships within the facilities industry have been a contributing factor to align and partner with such industry leading brands.

Accredited and recognised service agent of Billi and Zip

CAB Plumbing is an accredited and recognised service agent of both Billi and Zip to carry out warranty and non warranty works.

Our ability to consolidate and streamline a plumbing delivery service allows for greater efficiencies and deliverables within your organisation.

CAB Plumbing holds stock, spare parts and consumables to meet all SLA requirements across Australia.

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