Projects & Design

Plumbing maintenance is one thing, however our ability to design, consult, construct, and to find a solution is another.

The increasing demand for greater efficiencies is establishing pressure on plumbing organisations to look beyond current day trends and establish a focus for evolution within industry.

This evolution has pushed our team to work exclusively with industry leading manufacturers and suppliers to come up with the best solutions that add value to our clients.

CAB Plumbing has the capacity to deliver a project from tender, to construction, right through defect period to hand over, to preventative maintenance.

Additional services:

  • All hydraulic including Audits & Inspections
  • Fit-Out Team
  • Full Estimating Department
  • Full OHS Management Plan
  • Hot Water Pre-fabrication assembly
  • Plumbing Estimation & Budget Calculations
  • Plumbing construction
  • Qualified Project Management Process
  • Hydraulic Design, Drawing & Consultancy
  • Hydraulic NABERS solutions inclusive of Energy and Consumption Assessments
  • Commissioning requirements as per AS3500 & HB39
  • Full risk & OHS Compliance management