Safety / Accreditation

The difference between doing a good job and a safe job can be a fine line sometimes.

It is our obligation at CAB Plumbing to, not only our staff but to our clients, ensure the completion of the task in a safe and healthy work space. At CAB Plumbing we value the well-being of our employees, contractors, customers and the environment. We are committed to the responsible management of all our practices to minimise adverse health, safety and environmental impacts arising from our works, products or services.

At CAB Plumbing, we ensure we work extremely hard to understand our client’s needs and minimise their risk. We pride ourselves on our compliance through a  wide range of third party risk & OHS pre-qualification assessment portals . CAB Plumbing also requires the same of its contractor  to actively manage  their compliance to undertake work on our behalf our very own LinkSafe pre-qualification requirements.

Accreditation Requirements

CAB Plumbing offers its clients in sophisticated industries where compliance, licencing and safety requirements are required that our commitment is to upskill our staff to obtain the necessary qualifications and accreditations deemed mandatory.

All CAB Plumbing staff have obtained their Working with Children checks, whilst a number of our team have undertaken their ASIC (Aviation Security Identification), WPCG (Workplace Clearance Group for Petrol & Chemical Gas Sites) & many more to ensure risk is mitigated.